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Surviving an HBCU

Up first on my hit list is a subject that we are all too familiar with: college. It's that thing, that idea, that place that you were told about that it's suppose to be the best four years of your life or at least that's what every coming of age movie says, but no one talks about the trials and tribulations any of us will have to go through to obtain that degree we all are vying for. (Sidebar: if you didn't attend college feel free to sit this one out. No need to dwell on the past just look at all four of those kids you have, and still tell yourself you made the right decision.) The college system is just like politicians during election time a bunch of lies told by old decrepit pieces of shit that need to convince you that they have your best interest at heart. Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately just like Biden canceling those student loans shit is all one big lie.

First thing you should know, college is the one place where you can be hired to do a job, not do that job and still get paid. People who work for universities move with no urgency when it comes to what you're doing and what you need to get done. Personally, I'm currently dealing with getting the run around by several different departments because no one wants to do the job they are paid to complete. Then they all still expect you to keep your cool when people are actively trying to make your life generally harder just because they simply can. This is what I'd like to call "Active Student Terrorism". It's a Him originial definition which means someone intentionally trying to see your down fall because of things they had to go through while they were in college, or simply because they can. It cost no money just to keep it a bean and say "you know what I didn't feel like doing that, so I didn't do it". I'd respect that much more then you lying and saying you didn't receive an email from me, you never got my transcript, or you didn't know I was contacting you. I would respect that a whole lot more then all the lies college staff conjure up to get you to stop pestering them. I'd immediately try to get you fired after telling me that, because what the fuck did you think I'd do by telling me some stupid shit. Maybe that's why they don't say speak the truth, but your honesty would be duly noted.

Another thing no one tells you to look out for is an incompetent professor. No one fully prepares you for having teachers that will fail you just because they don't like you or will tell you that you can't do something just because they weren't bold enough to do it when they were your age and in school. I had one professor who was unqualified to teach her class. She was an ex theater teacher who had split personality disorder and mentally thought she walked with Dr. King, but was teaching about African culture. She was full of theatrics with premature lessons and a shitty ass haircut. I think Lebron had more hair than her. (If you don't get that reference just google lebron and bald spot, and that'll give you a general idea of what that looks like.) She had a personal issue with me from the first day of class because my collard shirt was somewhat unbuttoned. Her exact words were "Button that shirt up. No one wants to see all that" when she in fact wanted to see all that because she was the only one looking at my bird chest. She gave me an F for the semester and told someone who I knew that worked at the University that I did nothing in class the whole time. After the semester was over and I saw my grade, I started to find her to cuss her out, but honestly no need to say fuck you to someone who's life says fuck you everyday I mean she didn't know who she was at the age 65 still acting like she was auditioning for a Tyler Perry play. I also didn't want to be misrepresented by my anger, so I left it alone. I did try to report her, but nothing came of that, so I walked away with my F knowing that she'd get hers. In my reality, when Thanos snapped his fingers her knock-kneed ass was the first one to disappear, and with her so went her incompetence.

Lastly, no one teaches you about keeping an eye on your emotional health while you're in college. From spring semester of freshman year through my sophomore year, I felt so many different emotions that I didn't address and it caused me to become unmotivated and unhappy with the way life was turning out for me in college. No one checks on you on the regular and you're away from your family/support system. I worked my freshman and sophomore year because I had to support myself financially while I was in school. It takes a strong person to mentally carry the weight of trying to make money for yourself, go to school full-time, and maintain a social life. The whole transition from high school to college is a lot on a person, but no one ever talks about that either. People just expect you to figure it out and handle it when really it's a lot to adjust to. You go through real life things, but without your family right there to immediately back you up. You deal with rocky relationships, friendships, situationships, spreading of STI's for all my hoes out there and many other things. It's a lot to take in and it can all be very overwhelming. I'd say everyone should seek therapy during college, but who can afford that? Instead take up a hobby in professional drinking it gets you through some dark times. Now this isn't me supporting underage alcholism, but dammit if Bill Cosby can be released from prison then you should be able to enjoy an occasional drink. Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left, so either way you end up in the same position you were in, so drink up motherfuckers.

I say all this to say I went to an HBCU, so who knows what energy a PWI is giving off, but HBCUs definitely give off Section Eight vibes, and give off "I only care about that check the government cuts for me to keep my doors open" energy. This isn't all HBCUs, but I've heard they have the same tendencies so good luck to anyone going to one, and this is just certain things you should be cautious about when going to an HBCU. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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